Pilgrim Bridge Club

Week 9 Results

Here are the results for the week of 4th March 2019 (week 9):

Pos'n Pair Number Points Max %%age
1Mike Langstone & Audrey Nichols1523833670.83%
2Barbara Goddard & Peter Copsey522233666.07%
3Babette Nicholls & Betty Stacey319533658.04%
4Renee Flanagan & Mike Wares618733655.65%
5Pauline & Laurie Lock1217933653.27%
=6Sue Bond & Carolyn Veats216533649.11%
=6Chris Friend & Marion Grant416533649.11%
=6Catherine Parker & Patrick Dumont1316533649.11%
9Gill Bamber & Faye Gregson916133647.92%
10Sandra & David Lowe815833647.02%
11Jenny & David Palmer1615733646.73%
12Marion & Bill Howard1415033644.64%
13Maggie & Mike Boreham1013833641.07%
=14Bob Law & Terry Theobald113733640.77%
=14Josie Foster & Barbara Rowland713733640.77%
16Arthur Kemp & John Pountney1113433639.88%