Pilgrim Bridge Club

Week 4 Results

Here are the results for the week of 27th January 2020 (week 4):

Pos'n Pair Number Points Max %%age
1Babette Nicholls & Betty Stacey516728857.99%
=2Christine Grady & Jan Lewis316428856.94%
=2Catherine Parker & Jean Huckfield916428856.94%
4Ann Field & Alan Veats715928855.21%
5Pauline & Laurie Lock1015728854.51%
6Sue Bond & Carolyn Veats415528853.82%
7Barbara Goddard & Peter Copsey214828851.39%
8Annie Pohl & Audrey Nicholas1313728847.57%
9Jenny & David Palmer1413528846.88%
10Bob Law & Terry Theobald1213428846.53%
11Mike Langstone & Maureen Smart113028845.14%
12Chris Friend & Marion Grant1112828844.44%
13Janet Roberts & Terry Bower812428843.06%
14Arthur Kemp & John Pountney611428839.58%