Pilgrim Bridge Club

League Table

Here is the league table up to the week of 17th February 2020 (week 7):

Pos'n Pair League Points Table Max %age Played
1Catherine Parker & Jean Huckfield820143657.10%6
2Marion & Bill Howard38670854.52%3
3Jan Lewis & Christine Grady49691654.15%4
4Ann Field & Alan Veats733135654.06%6
5Barbara Goddard & Peter Copsey776143654.04%6
6Babette Nicholls & Betty Stacey43181652.82%3
7Sue Bond & Carolyn Veats723138052.39%6
8Sandra & David Lowe607116452.15%5
9Bob Law & Terry Theobald702140450.00%6
10Pauline & Laurie Lock634127249.84%5
11Annie Pohl & Audrey Nicholas46796848.24%4
12Gaye Harrop & Judith Mellor45394847.78%4
13Jenny & David Palmer34974846.66%3
14Maggie & Mike Boreham10724044.58%1
16Chris Friend & Marion Grant528120044.00%5
15Josie Foster & Barbara Rowland39791243.53%4
17Arthur Kemp & John Pountney683160042.69%7
 Gill Bamber & Annie Pohl