Pilgrim Bridge Club

League Table

Here is the league table up to the week of 14th August 2017 (week 25):

Pos'n Pair League Points Table Max %age Played
1Sandra & David Lowe2343417456.13%17
2Ann Field & Alan Veats1821329655.25%14
3Sue Bond & Carolyn Veats2497468853.26%19
4Joyce Leach & Mike Langstone 948178853.02%7
5Bob Law & Terry Theobald2556485452.66%20
6Pauline & Laurie Lock2154414252.00%17
7Babette Nichols & Betty Stacey2420465851.95%19
8Catherine Parker & Harry Wedge1883374050.35%17
9Jenny & David Palmer2205439450.18%18
10Marion & Bill Howard 1044209449.86%9
11Julia& Jan Lewis698140249.79%6
12Phyllis & Arthur Cooper1439289449.72%12
13Maggie & Mike Boreham1835369449.68%15
14Arthur Kemp & John Poutney2018411049.10%18
15Gaye Harrop & Judith Mellor2009410848.90%17
16Faye Gregson & Gill Bamber1357278848.67%10
17Barbara Rowland & Josie Foster1132244646.28%10
18Chris Friend & Marion Grant2178471846.16%20
19Beryl Baker & Pam Perry1923434044.31%18
20Janet Roberts & Terry Bower1033251441.09%11